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Here, you will have the opportunity to talk to us and hear more about our new and exclusive product package, offering you the most effective and fuel-efficient seismic towing solutions on the market.

Fuel-efficient seismic towing solutions

To help you improve your day-to-day activities, we create tailor-made towing solutions designed to meet your needs and requirements.

Our new and exclusive product package gives you the best combination of products available, including ropes, deflectors and buoys.

Efficient operations
By taking advantage of our Plexus Pro® ropes with reduced diameter you will experience less drag. Combine this with our efficient deflectors with MODE® design and superior cl/cd, you will be able to run your operations much more effectively, reducing fuel and emissions. In addition to cleaner footprints, you will experience better offset and less stress on equipment.

As your single source for reliable seismic towing solutions, we provide you with the products needed for a successful operation.


The MODE® series of deflectors from Mørenot Offshore has proven to be a game changer in the seismic industry. Since 2015 MODE® deflectors have given our clients better lift, reduced drag and reduced fuel consumption. It contributes towards safer operations in deployment and recovery, with less peak loads and reduced stress on equipment, which allows reduced diameter on super wide towing ropes.

The latest model of MODE®

Mørenot Offshore’s latest MODE® model is the MODE® 74. This deflector has a cl/cd of up to 6:1 and a max load of 56 T. The combination of a great lift to drag ratio and high max load makes this deflector the perfect product to optimize most seismic operations.

Record breaking survey

Our MODE® 53 was used in the world’s largest seismic spread. The deflector was a part of Polarcus’ 10 x 200 x 8100 spread – the largest man-made moving object on earth.

In addition, Polarcus’ spread is the largest in-sea configuration ever towed by a single seismic vessel, measuring 1.8 km wide across the front end with each of the streamers separated by 200 m. The total area covered is 17.6 square kilometers.

Active Bridle Block

Mørenot Offshore’s Active Bridle Block (ABB) will make it easier for you to optimize your operations. The ABB allows safer deployment and recovery, with adjust for weather and currents. It ensures a faster line change and greater fuel-efficiency, ultimately reducing costs. Our ABB has a smart and compact design where all functions are designed into the tow block itself.

Plexus PRO®

Our Plexus Pro® was designed to help reduce drag in seismic operations. The Plexus Pro® has enabled our customers to reduce their Super Wide Tow rope diameter with 10 %, which resulted in less drag.

As the strongest rope on the marked made from this particular fiber, Plexus Pro® is a flexible rope that is easy to use. It will help you achieve maximum efficiency in both time and costs, ensuring successful and rewarding operations.

Mørenot Offshore

Your single source for reliable seismic towing solutions

Morenot Offshore is located at the centre of the North Sea oil activities, and is a part of one of the world's leading maritime clusters. Since 1992, we have been working and growing together with the seismic innovators. Thanks to our ability to handle and solve their challenges, we are the preferred supplier to the seismic industry.

Providing a fast track from idea to solution
Understanding our customer's requirements is the first step in creating a tailor-made towing solution that improves their day-to-day operations. We require all our staff to understand and develop their relationship with customers and seek to enable new ideas and solutions to be tried out continuously and confidentially.

Focus on safety and quality
MøreNot is dedicated to achieve service excellence and to support its customers in the sound management of HSSE regulation. All products are certified, where possible, and products are provided with appropriate documentation, downloadable from our website MøreNot continues to lead the way in NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 certification and in maintaining quality throughout the whole supply chain.


Do you want to know more about our exclusive product package? Please pay us a visit at Stand No 1233 at the EAGE Conference and Exhibition.

Hans Jørgen Hjelle
Sales Manager